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Will C. Wood Grad Nite 2018 Policies and Procedures

A must read before purchasing a ticket for Grad Nite 

Dear WCW Senior Parents, 

We want to make sure that both you and your student understand exactly what will be going on so he/she can fully enjoy this wonderful celebration.  The information below outlines the policies and procedures regarding Grad Nite 2018. Please carefully review this information with your graduating senior and make sure you both understand each item.  The following policies have developed over many years of experience with Grad Nite celebrations and are intended to maximize the enjoyment and safety for all.

 1. All students need to arrive at Grad Nite between 9:30-11:30 pm and must bring a photo ID, either their WCW student ID card or driver’s license.  No student will be admitted after midnight.  Only graduating Will C. Wood seniors are eligible for admission to Grad Nite.  NO GUESTS are allowed.  

2. Tickets can be purchased throughout the year (Friday's at lunch next to A11) by printing, completing and handing in the T-Shirt Form and a Permission Form along with payment. Forms are available from our website. Their t-shirt will be their ticket into Grad Nite. They must not alter the shirt in anyway and must wear it at Grad Nite, all night.  This way we know who is to be there and who is not. Prices for tickets are as follows:   

$50 - September and October

$60 - November and December

$70 - January and February

$80 - March and April

 $90 - May

$100 cash only - at the door


Last day to guarantee your t-shirt size will be May 6, 2018.  Check, cash or money order will be accepted up to May 27, 2018, after that date, only cash or money order will be accepted.   Tickets at the door will be cash only! Tickets purchased at the Senior Dinner, checks, cash or money order will be accepted.  Grad Nite tickets are non-refundable.  Please click here for our Ticket Purchasing Form to print the necessary forms (click cancel if signon screen pops up). 

 3. Students do not need to bring anything with them.  Everything they need will be supplied.  Students will be issued an individual security bag where they place any prizes they win during the evening.  All backpacks, purses, cell phones and pagers will be checked in upon admission.  Cell phones and pagers will be turned off.  Access to these items during the evening may be obtained only with the help of security personnel.  We are not responsible for and cannot guarantee the security of these items, so please bring only what is absolutely necessary. 

4. All school rules apply to medications.  They cannot be dispensed without parental permission.  If your student needs medication, please send the medication and a signed note.  Security will hold the medication for your student in the first aid area.  Any student needing medications that must be carried, such as asthma inhalers, Epi-pens, etc., must also have a signed note to this effect.  Any student with known food allergies should also submit a note alerting us to this. 

5. One of our Security Committee volunteers will inspect all bags and purses as the students enter.  These bags and purses will then be checked at Security Check-In. All drinks will be thrown away.  Students will have access to their bags and purses only through security check-in.  Security will be available to conduct a pat down of a student as necessary.  

6. Grad Nite strives to provide all graduating seniors with a safe and enjoyable environment to celebrate.  Therefore, for the benefit of all we must enforce the following rules: Any student arriving under the influence or in possession of drugs or alcohol will be detained and his or her parent or guardian will be called to pick up the student.  If parent or guardian is not available, the police will be called.  Any student caught drinking, smoking, fighting or participating in any other form of unacceptable behavior throughout the night will also be detained and the parent or guardian or the police will be called. 

7. Grad Nite will last until 5 am.  Students will be provided with ample food, water and soft drinks throughout the evening.  They do not need to bring any food or drink.  Breakfast will be served before they leave. Please arrange to pick up your student in the morning if possible. He/She will be tired and it may not be safe for them to drive home.  We urge you to set up carpools with friends and neighbors to make sure the students get home safely. 

8. Students will be required to stay the entire night.  Once the student has been checked in, he/she will not be allowed to leave the premises. There will be areas for the students to rest and relax. If for some reason your student must leave early you will be called.  No student, even if they are 18, will be allowed to leave the event without parent or guardian permission. Students must wait till the parent or guardian arrives with a Security volunteer and will be escorted to the parking lot when the parent arrives or escorted to the students car, if permission is granted by the parent/guardian. One of the main goals of Grad Nite is to keep our students safely off the streets on this night, and we take this seriously. 

9. Any student that has purchased a ticket for Grad Nite but does not check-in will have his/her parents or guardians called.  The phone numbers on the permission slips will be used to notify the parents or guardians. 

Again, we urge you to carefully review these items with your graduating student.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact our Grad Nite Committee at WCWGRADNITE@YAHOO.COM

                                  Your 2018 Grad Nite Committee


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